• Candidate having regularly and satisfactorily undergone the course of study by attending not less than 80% of the classes held both in theory and in practical separately in each subject shall be eligible for appearing at examination.
  • Every student has to undergo one year internship as per Appendix-C of PCI regulations. Internship is a phase of training wherein a student is expected to conduct actual practice of pharmacy and health care and acquires skills under the supervision so that he or she may become capable of functioning independently.


  • A regular record of both theory and practical class work and examinations conducted for course, shall be maintained for each student in the institution
  • 30 marks for each theory and 30 marks for each practical subject shall be allotted as sessional.
  • There shall be at least two periodic sessional examinations during each academic year and the highest aggregate of any two performances shall form the basis of calculating sessional marks.
  • The sessional marks in practicals shall be allotted on the following basis: Actual performance in the sessional examination (20 marks); Day to day assessment in the practical class work, promptness, viva-voce record maintenance, etc. (10 marks).


  • Theory examination shall be of three hours and practical examination shall be of four hours duration. A Student who fails in theory or practical examination of a subject shall re-appear both in theory and practical of the same subject. Practical examination shall also consist of a viva –voce (Oral) examination. Clerkship examination – Oral examination shall be conducted after the completion of clerkship of students. An external and an internal examiner will evaluate the student. Students may be asked to present the allotted medical cases followed by discussion. Students’ capabilities in delivering clinical pharmacy services, pharmaceutical care planning and knowledge of therapeutics shall be assessed.


  • A student shall not be declared to have passed examination unless he or she secures at least 50% marks in each of the subjects separately in the theory examinations, including Sessional marks and at least 50% marks in each of the practical examinations including Sessional marks.
  • The students securing 60% marks or above in aggregate in all subjects in a single attempt at the Pharm.D. course examination shall be declared to have passed in first class.
  • Students securing 75% marks or above in any subject or subjects shall be declared to have passed with distinction in the subject or those subjects provided he or she passes in all the subjects in a single attempt.
  • All students who have appeared for all the subjects and passed the first year annual examination are eligible for promotion to the second year and, so on. However, failure in more than two subjects shall debar him or her from promotion to the next year classes.