Dr. Sushil Gupta
A passionate teacher with keen interest in teaching learning process and a zeal to make teaching interesting and informative. Key areas of interest Polymeric drug delivery .Self disciplined and punctual. Good academic record throughout education with several awards to credit. Bestowed with teacher of the year award by Ram-eesh Institute in the year 2008-2009 based on students feedback and university results. Awarded twice for achieving best results in the subject taught in university exams in the year 2011-12 and 2013-14.

Dr. Prateek Porwal
Professor & H.O.D
He did her masters and Bachelor degree from Jamia Hamdard, Delhi with distinction. Presently he is heading the Department under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Sushil Gupta, Group Director.

Dr. Sunil Shrivastav
Assistant Professor | M.Pharm, PhD

Work Experience Teaching: 13 Years Area of Specialization Pharmaceutics, NDDS Subjects taught • UG Level: 1. Final Year. B-Pharm: Pharmaceutics, NDDS and Pharmaceutics Lab. 2. Third Year. B-Pharm: Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, Industrial Pharmacy I theory and lab 3. Second Year. B-Pharm: Pharmaceutics, Dispensing Pharmacy, & Pharmaceutical Engineering. Pharmaceutics-II Lab, Dispensing Pharmacy Lab 4. First yr. B-Pharm: Physical Pharmacy I &II, Physical Pharmacy -I&II Lab • PG Level: Modified Release Drug Delivery System, Adv. BPPK, Molecular Pharmaceutics (NanoTech and Targeted DDS), Modern Pharmaceutics, Adv. Pharm. II

Name: Mrs. Sonalika Patil
M Pharm in Pharmaceutics

Work Experience: Industrial 17 years & Teaching 13 years Area of Specialization: Pharmaceutics Subjects taught: NDDS, Pharmaceutics, Industrial Pharmacy-I, BPPK, Physical pharmaceutics, DDS, Audits & Regulatory Compliance, Product Manufacturing Technology, Product Development & Technology Transfer Awards, Credentials Approved for QC & instrumental analysis by the FDA, Professional Affiliations: 1. Registered Pharmacist, Pharmacy Council of India 2. Approved Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutics, University of Mumbai 3. Approved guide for M. Pharm in Quality Assurance and in Pharmaceutics, University of Mumbai 4. Paper-Setter, Examiner & Moderator for B. Pharm. And M. Pharm. Theory & Practical Examinations, University of Mumbai .

Mrs. Aparajita Singh
Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics

Work Experience: Teaching 6.5 years; Industry 1.5 years Area of specialization: Pharmaceutics Subjects taught: Pharmaceutics, Industrial Pharmacy, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Physical Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Microbiology, QMS, PDTT and Regulatory Affairs Awards, Credentials:
• Received MU Minor Research Grant of Rs. 70,000/- in the AY 2019-20 • Meritorious background in academics. Distinction holder in B.Pharm. and in M.Pharm. • Won 2nd prize in poster presentation in Rx technical festival.

Educational Qualification: M. PHARM, (Pharmaceutics)
Work Experience: Teaching 5 years & 7 months, Industrial experience: 2 years Area of Specialization: Pharmaceutics Subjects taught: Pharmaceutics I, II, III, IV, Cosmeticology, Industrial Pharmacy-I, BPPK, Modern Pharmaceutics, NDDS, Intellectual Property Rights, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs. Awards, Credentials: 1. Received appreciation certificate from APTI Mumbai region for contribution in APTI’S